Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico, Thank you Donors!

We thought we would share the thank you note we sent out to everyone who donated money or bought goods for Puerto Rico. The content of the note is below, but to see the version we sent out, including additional photos and links to the receipts, click here: Truest Relief Effort Puerto Rico (Donor Thank You)

Thank You!

We started with a simple idea: “let’s fill these two duffel bags.” But, y’all helped us do much, much more than that… Due to your incredible generosity, we raised $7,446 in cash and items bought from the Amazon Wish List to distribute directly to families in Puerto Rico! Thank you!

In the 3.5 days Quest was on the ground in Puerto Rico, he took your donations to three towns and made a significant impact: Comerio, which is in the middle of the island and was in the path of the eye of Hurricane Maria; Villa Alba, which is in the south central part of the island; and Santa Isabel, which is on the southern coast of the island and where a large percentage of residents lost their roofs. Here’s a list of all the goods your generosity brought to the people there:

  • 3,402 gallons of water
  • 300 lbs canned chicken
  • 130 packs of crackers
  • 72 packs of pampers
  • 144 packs of baby wipes
  • 120 boxes of maxi pads
  • 5 First Aid Kits (250PCS)
  • 160 D batteries
  • 14 tarps
  • 48 mini flashlights
  • 22 Mosquito sleeping nets
  • 15 Solar Lanterns
  • 12 Life Straws & 170 water Purification Tabs
  • 240 single dose Pain Meds

We did our best to document what’s going on in Puerto Rico. To that end, The Truest Adventure team took the photos you see here; posted updates on Instagram and Facebook; and released a podcast where Trey interviewed Quest about his connections to Puerto Rico and the trip to the island (Click here for the podcast link).

Finally, in the wake of so many natural disasters in the U.S., we know there are more opportunities to do good in a limited but significant way, if we can concentrate those resources on the most remote areas with the highest need. We are in the preliminary stages of forming a nonprofit that would do just that given your generous and ongoing support, so please stay tuned…

And, thank you again for your selfless support of those in Puerto Rico and of The Truest Adventure.

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