#US50Peaks Project was born of the need for adventure. Trey, Quest, and their friend Denali spent their formative years in the great outdoors. As adulthood set in and they started pursuing and succeeding in their respective careers they couldn’t find the time to do what fuels their joy. They all, separately concluded that there was an unacceptable shortage of three things: travel, time outdoors, and most importantly quality time with great friends–three things that were at the core of their respective upbringing. So, naturally, being the self-motivators that they are, they decided to take action.

In June 2016, Trey, Quest, and Denali, half-mockingly, formed a pact. They agreed to summit the highest points in all 50 of these magnificent United States. That pact was the beginning of the journey that would lead them down this intentional path of exploration and adventure. Quest being the lawyer that he is, put it all in writing.

The next step was the business of planning this epic adventure! Quest works full time and Trey has his hand in multiple business ventures and they couldn’t afford to sacrifice career for adventure, so they made a commitment to meet once weekly rain or shine. Quest and Trey choose which summits to check off their list based on a few factors: 1) available time (PTO is rarer than gold); 2) proximity of peaks to one another; and 3) level of difficulty. The members of The Pact understand the toll planning and executing these trips can take. For that reason they take turns planning trips, including, researching the summits, understanding difficulty level, reserving campsites, and rental cars. This expert planning has enabled them to check fourteen summits off their list in a little over one year and while only losing four vacation days!

To track our progress, check out the interactive map below.