My favorite…

I was going to write a post entitled “My Favorite Drink,” in which I was going to expand on the simple delight which is Tequila/Soda with a squeeze of lime. But as soon as I started to write “my favorite,” I realized what an unadventurous statement that is. My Favorite implies I’m done searching, this is the best in my opinion, and I’m done looking. It’s actually language I use all the time. It’s a concept that I tend to ask questions around: “what’s your favorite food?” It’s actually so limiting.

I’m not going to write a post about my favorite drink. I’m not going to write about my favorite book, or food, or movie. I’m actually going to work harder to break this mindset. I’m going to try and retrain my brain to think about things it has not experienced yet. Have I tried all the drinks? No. I say Tequila/Soda is my favorite, but when I spend two extra minutes thinking about it, the list of other drinks I would enjoy just as much is nearly ten strong.

The idea is actually enjoyable to slow down and start to think about drinks I might not have tried. Sitting here I start to think of places I haven’t yet traveled to. I wonder what they like to drink? What are the locals drinking there? I’m sure I can find my Tequila/Soda anywhere I go. It’s a staple like a whiskey neat, or a gin and tonic. Those drinks will always be there. But what is the drink of choice in Bucharest?

Imagine if I start to perform this with more of “My Favorites!” Where will that lead? If I start to think about the music being listened to in Kuwait City (check out our podcast episode TĀDV-17, Kuwaiti Gumbo). Or the food being eaten right now in Ulaanbaatar. When I start to do this, I’m having a mental adventure, which quickly takes me to the internet to start googling for these answers. I start to research these places. I start to google recipes, and flights. I start to download songs. All this by dropping the idea that I have a favorite. A slight change in perspective, and the world gets a little bigger.

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